About Us


Teresitas of San Fernando is an original offshoot of Teresita R. Razon’s Halo-halo and Palabok in Pampanga officially-sanctioned and tradename branch of the Razon Halo-halo Rerfreshment Parlor outside of its one and only location in the town of Guagua.

Now managed by Teresita Razon’s sons – Paulo and Ryan (a Go Negosyo Enterpreneur Awardee), both are fourth generation Razons. All Razon’s stores operating nationwide are presently owned and operated by the nephews and nieces of the 3 sisters Severina, Elena and Virginia who in 1972 established and revived the family’s pre-World War II halo-halo recipe and whose modest restaurant in Guagua gained word-of-mouth national praise and fame for its simple and creamy taste over the years.

The rest is history as they say, and we are proud to bring to Manila the same delectable and genuinely original taste of our Kapampangan style of cooking which we hope you will enjoy and savor.

Teresitas of San Fernando Halo Halo and Palabok is a hotchpotch of deliciously famous Kapampangan delicacies that every Filipino plate and palate crave for.

Richly topped pancit palabok with the tastiest ingredients and sauce; mouth-watering caldereta, kare-kare, embotido, sisig, ¬†lumpia and to-die-for halo-halo made with smooth, creamy shaved ice and topped with syrupy leche flan, are just a taste of the best Teresita’s has to offer.

Teresita’s cuisine today has become an everyday fare, enjoyed with friends and family, in a homey, comfortable ambience, and at reasonable prices. With three outlets and still growing, Teresita’s of San Fernando Halo Halo and Palabok is now the-go-to-place in Metro Manila when you yearn for Filipino home cooked Kapampangan meals and delicacies.

Brothers Paul and Ryan Razon from the fourth generation of the famous Razon clan of Pampanga launched this restaurant as an offshoot of their parent’s business in San Fernando which opened in 2002.

Delectable Homegrown

Teresita’s takes pride in serving the famous Razon halo halo and palabok for which their clan is known for. However, its meal offerings are distinctly their own. Their delectable and genuinely original tastes are culled from truly Kapampangan recipes, passed on from the old generations of Mrs. Teresita Razon, Paul and Ryan’s mother.

Ala carte meals such as beef caldereta, kare kare, embotido, tapa, longganisa, daing na bangus, spare ribs, dinuguan, sisig and lumpia, are among the bestsellers she herself created. Native delicacies as pastillas, roasted casoy, brownies, uraro, tarts, barquiron, chicharon, and others are popular take-home items. Walk-ins as well as groups can enjoy Teresita’s, dine-in al fresco.


To create a classic and authentic Filipino Restaurant, with an exciting Kapampangan atmosphere, great food, and excellent service, where people truly enjoy coming to eat.


To be established as one of the top Filipino Restaurant in the country by means of recognition well within and outside the company with constant food and service development.


(Service) Service is provided in a compassionate, friendly and professional environment.

(Excellent) In pursuit of Excellent, we value innovation and continuous learning.

(Teamwork) We effectively collaborative, always looking for more efficient ways to serve our customers.

Goals and Objective

Product Leadership

We take pride on our products. Being a full-blooded Kapampangan, we serve authentic Kapampangan dishes that will give us the edge on our competitors.

Winning through Cost

To be an operationally excellent Company that delivers a combination of quality, price and ease of purchase. Our proposition to customers is guaranteed low price. To make our operation standardized, simplified, tightly controlled and centrally planned. A culture that will abhors waste and rewards efficiency.



We see to it that the customer will enjoy our food at a reasonable price. Materials and labor costs for menu items are low enough for our restaurant to mark them up and charge a price that brings in a profit and also feels fair to diners.

Dining Experience

We create a complete dining experience in a homey comfortable ambiance, with a quality service that enhances the dining experience.

Profitability and Longevity

We endure because we build reputations and loyal clienteles. It makes us profitable because we make our customers happy. We grow our operation beyond the limitations of our individual ownership by franchising.